Pucci’s Palate ~ Crab Cakes

FIRST EVER EDITION OF PUCCI'S PALATE!  Our intent is brevity and delicious foods. She delivers on both! The Story of the Crab Cake. I absolutely LOVE crab cakes. Unfortunately, most places that serve crab cakes load them up with fillers like breadcrumbs and mayo. Yuck! I prefer to have mine light and fresh yet filling.... Continue Reading →

Instructing with No Voice

Not until recently have I instructed while off the bike.  This was not out of desire, but necessity. I personally enjoy instructors who cycle with the class. I  personally do not require one on one attention, but others may like a personal touch in their class. For an entire week I taught all classes on... Continue Reading →

Bomb Cyclone Cyling

I taught my first class this past Thursday! I really enjoyed the experience. Given the day started with blizzard like conditions, I was unsure if the gyms would remain open. Fortunately the amount of snow was about four inches and the hurricane like winds blew it off the south end of Manhattan. The snow had... Continue Reading →

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