Today is THE Day

Today, November 15, is the day and 2017 is the year. Today I am starting a blog outlining a journey. This journey will entail a cross-country bicycle trip, visits to new towns & cities, making new friends along the way and challenging myself both physically and mentally.

The path to this journey will involved many unknowns; when do I leave,  what do I bring, how much cash is absolutely necessary, what will my parents think of me quitting my job, what do I do with my hands? etc. I do know I will traveling east to west in the Continental US, likely leaving in the Spring, taking at least two months to make the trek and eat away at moderate savings amassed after 9 years of being in the 9 to 5 workforce. Not sure if I could feel more anxious and excited at the thought of what’s to come.

The intent is to share the experience via this blog, and social media, detailing the preparation, inspiration and execution of it all. I am looking forward to being outside of my comfort zone in many ways, to see a country that I have lived in for 32 years yet only visited a small portion, to meet new people with different backgrounds than mine, to improve fitness levels and to grow as a human.

I hope to see you all on the road!

Photo: Gosman’s Dock, Montauk after Ride to Montauk – May 2016

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