Movement of the People (Person)

I have narrowed my exodus to a particular week and targeted day, aiming May 10th as the date This will be a few days after my cousin’s wedding (congrats Kimmy!) and two days before a Metallica show my brother has requested my presence in Philly. Not sure if I will be in the mood to mosh after riding for a day or two and not sure if I will want to ride the morning after moshing…

These departure dates should allow me to get to the major cities that I plan to see and allow for ample time to do some site seeing or take breaks along the way. The goal is to cross the country in roughly 90 days. The first half of the trip is to ad lib my way from NYC, to Northern Virginia, Asheville, NC, Nashville, TN (early June), Kansas City MO prior to picking up the Transamerica Bicycle Trail in Kansas,(early July) and finishing in Astoria, OR in mid August, just in time for the Great American Eclipse on August 21st. From Kansas I will plan to stick relatively close to the “Trail” for the remainder of my trip as this half of the country will be ALL new territory for me. Hello Yellowstone!!

Most touring blogs advise to keep schedules loose, pick relative goals, midway points, etc., so the timeframe proposed should allow ample time to cross the country on a not so direct route while, hopefully, avoiding severe weather – southern heat, midwest tornados (knocks on wood), snow in the Rockies and any significant rain – along the way. Another item I read was in regard to the prevailing winds not being quite as detrimental on a western voyage, so I am happy to have read that and hopeful that is the case. If not, I can say adversity was faced and overcome OR tell tall tales of how I had to ride my bike four thousand miles in a head wind on my way to school each day…

I cannot express how excited I am for this to begin, although it seems to be rapidly approaching, less than three months! Now it is time to train harder, eat healthier, outfit the bicicleta and perfect my mechanical skills.

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  1. This is awesome Graham! I can help with a place to stay in KC! Say the word and I will make some calls. Petunia Bob and I are rooting for you!!

    Woooo hoooo!

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