Planning: Leave of Absence or Resignation (Part I – Timing)

In order to free up three months, I have had to make a few significant choices. A majority of them center around finances, places to live and what to do with my possessions. Fortunately, I have friends and family whom have offered to manage my belongings while I am traveling (thank you, Adair; thank you, Alex). While trying to implement a minimalist lifestyle, I still find it difficult to part with everything, after all, I am my father’s son, who has more books than Neptune has sea shells.

Back to finances – having no mortgage payments, no children or student loans, and just having gotten off a lease for a temporary living situation (thanks again, Adair!), I have limited financial obligations and have been able to save some extra cash in early 2017. That being said, I do not necessarily want to work up to the day I leave for my trip. “To fully immerse myself in the trip  additional time to prepare is desired. However, there is something to be said for continued paychecks and healthcare coverage.

At this point, timing is crucial for me. Do I decide to request a leave of absence or full out resign? Resigning would allow me to put my two weeks in exactly when I want to finish working and give me time to prep. This will certainly come as a surprise to my manager of three years and my employer of almost 10 years.

Or do I request a leave of absence? This would provide me the opportunity to return to work upon the completion of my trip and give my manager time to implement a strategy to cover my workload. This request would likely have to come sooner rather than later as management will need to make a decision for my tentative May 10 departure date. Although there is potential for the request to be denied, leading to my resignation earlier than anticipated.

The ultimate goal is to do what is best for me, a combination of optimizing my financial position and leaving on good terms with my employer.  Decisions, decisions.


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