Training: Classes

Adair and I attended another free maintenance course with 718 Cyclery, focused on bike basics and flat repair. While I have fixed a handful of tubes in my day, it was nice to see how the shop goes about it, as I am sure it is done on a daily basis. Tube repair principles were reinforced, but a few tips were provided as well.


This is what I prefer about going to such classes, one can pick up something new and ask a lot of questions. But there is no such thing as a bad question, amiright?!

The guys in the shop, Aaron and the guy in the photo (sadly I came in late and did not get his name) are incredibly knowledgeable and can answer most easily. Often times they offer some interesting history, mixed with humor, regarding original bike builds and progressions through the years to where we are today. So if any of the 718 staff are reading this, THANK YOU!

YouTube also has an abundance of videos with the Global Cycling Network having some of the most professional videos, and again, great instruction and dry quips. While I do not anticipate being an expert bike builder or your go to maintenance guy, I do expect being able to fix a bike enough to limp along to the next bike shop for some professional assistance.

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