Planning: Leave of Absence or Resignation (Part III – Action)

I tore off the band-aid.

Last Wednesday, April 12, I asked my manager for a leave of absence. While there was shock, the trip and request was taken seemingly well. Approval would be required from both HR and ultimately, management, so I had a figure I had a day or two before I would hear if it was approved or not. When a few questions regarding healthcare coverage were posed to an HR contact, the response was cold at best. I made it a point to find a local rep to speak to which made me feel slightly better.

By the weekend, I still had no indication of which way my request was moving. I gave the company April 26 as my last day in the office. Over Easter I further contemplated leave of absence or resignation. Would I have this same internal debate on a park bench in Kansas a month or two from now? By resigning now, at least my employer could begin the hiring process much earlier. My decision was made, on April 18th I tendered my resignation.

This information was received less warmly. Understandably so, as these conversations are rarely timely, especially when one has had a great track record with their company and peers. It felt as though I had just broke it off with a girlfriend. That the job and I weren’t in it on the same level and that it would be best if we both moved on. Walking out last evening there was a sense of sadness, but also excitement of things to come.

I am excited for change, for an adventure on which many peers have not undertaken unless by car,  to meet new and friendly faces across the US, to not waking up early and getting on a packed subway (for those of you that know me, I will still be up early), and not spending a majority of my day at a desk staring at a computer screen. I will be challenging myself physically and mentally over the next three or so months, all while raising awareness and funds for a great cause – more on that to come. I will be trading eight hours at a desk for eight hours on a bicycle.

Now on to the awkward conversations at work to tell people what I am doing. May have to chronicle various reactions receive…

4 thoughts on “Planning: Leave of Absence or Resignation (Part III – Action)

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    1. Thanks, brother! Things went really well for me and have been fortunate to work for a great group in a solid company.


    1. Y’all are too sweet! I appreciate the note and am looking​ forward to things to come. KC bbq being one of them. I’m gonna be picking your brain soon for city tips! Spending the 4th of July there with Adair!


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