Updates: Two Weeks Left!

Just over two weeks, 15 days, remain for my time in New York! Plenty to do, fortunately the remaining time is all to myself, save a few happy hours, a wedding and my last fundraising kick off party.  Free time will be spent planning routes, getting last minute travel/touring items, seeing friends, training, reading and writing.

I am very pleased to have had a very successful start to my fundraising campaign for the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance. In the last 12 days, we surpassed $1k of donations both online and through April 22nd’s Philly Kickoff.  Only $9,000 more to go! The next phase is a NYC Kickoff on April 29 at SideBar in Union Square 3 – 6pm, all are welcome. Come join!

Justin, Joe & Graham – Philly Kickoff

Received most of my equipment including racks, bags, tent footprint, multitool, travel pump, protein bars, etc. Sadly there was a snafu with the Specialized AWOL I intend to purchase. My bike shop ordered the wrong size and I may not be able to get it delivered till early May.

I essentially have two options at this point. Cross my fingers and hope that the bike becomes available, is sent and built with enough time for me to get a few rides. Or, outfit my current bike with what I have, add some fenders, have a rear wheel built (need a stronger wheel than what I currently have to avoid breaking spokes of the stock wheel under extra weight) and have the bike tuned. I am holding out hope that the former occurs. I will, however, install the racks, panniers, new saddle and to acclimate myself riding with the weight and distributing weight properly when packing the panniers. Should the new bike arrive, I can then just transfer all the equipment over.

As for route planning, I have a general idea of where I want to be on my way to Kansas City, MO. The first part of the trip will be ad-libbed as I am following the Transamerica Bicycle Trail the second half of my journey. I probably should have saved the self study portion of planning for the latter have of the trip so I could have cut my teeth navigating a predefined route, but what is the fun in that?!

That being said, my plan is to find places to stay traveling south in the Mid-Atlantic all while finding bicycle friendly roads. I will release a tentative route in the next few days and plan each leg using Ride with GPS or Strava for guidance. Any tips to generate maps or cue sheets would be greatly appreciated. I will be reaching out to various east coast cycling clubs in hopes that they can provide some pre-planned routes that take me where I need to be, taking the guess work out of this daunting task.

No time to waste, so I will get cracking on the above. Until next time…


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