Gear: Went AWOL

For those of you that have Google music or are Beastie Boys fans, “I went AWOOOOOL“!!

My XL Specialized AWOL arrived to City Bicycles this weekend, I test rode it Monday, had some racks and a new saddle put on and was able to roll home Tuesday afternoon. After months of test rides, pestering bike shop employees, self study and praying, I finally got my ride for this summer. I could not be happier!

Jhonatan M., owner/operator of City Bicycles in Midtown Manhattan

The fit of the bike was what I anticipated as a summation of what was written in a previous blog post. Slightly more upright than the other bikes, without being too “casual”, the drop bars of the AWOL allow for various hand positions and in turn more aggressive riding postures than the current ride. The drop bars also flare a bit at the bottom, allowing the wrists to be turned slightly, offering some slight relief from the hood position.

Prior to the AWOL I had yet to try the Shimano Sora shift levers, contained within the brake mechanism  (common on road bikes), which was a bit of an adjustment. For this gentleman, these shifters are preferable to the bar end shifters, popular on touring bikes, as I can’t hit them with my knee while riding or getting on/off the bike. That being said, any adjustments needed mid-ride will be new to me. I hope I am a quick learner with these… IMG_20170503_080428

Most of the day yesterday, was spent adjusting pannier bags, installing the handlebar bag and getting blown around town. Mother nature must want me in tip top shape considering wind guests over the past two days are over 40 MPH and consistent along the Hudson River Path.

With a week left, some questionable weather in the forecast and a wedding 100 miles away, I have some considerable preparation to complete. This includes training on the new bike with fully loaded pannier bags, trips to hardware stores, bike shops, REI, tweaking the bike set up and continued route planning. Plus writing, catching up with friends and fundraising!

Any comments or words of encouragement are greatly appreciated.

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