May 10: Goodbye, New York

The day is finally here.

People have asked if I am ready. “No”, is what I am thinking, but a “ready as I’ll every be” comes out. Having never taken on a journey of this magnitude, it would be difficult to confidently say yes. Emotions are similar to leaving for college fall semester freshman year or getting on a plane to study abroad in a foreign country. Do I have all the essentials? Will I make new friends? Will this experience allow me to grow as a person?

In regard to bringing all the essentials, I assume two things. I packed way too much, and yet, I am missing a few things. Fortunately leaving in the northeast with the dense population and local knowledge of the area, I trust I can figure out what is missing in the next week before I get to more remote parts of Virginia. It is very likely that items will be sent home. Probably a few things were packed were deemed needs when they are actually creature comforts to which one becomes accustomed.

Will I make friends and grow? No doubt! I have done this everywhere I have traveled or situation I have placed myself. There is no illusion that this will be an easy trip. With 4500+ miles of travel and a different place to stay each night, I expect hardships in terms of bike maintenance, inclement weather, strange interactions with people and animals (happens regularly in NYC and that one lion experience in South Africa…) and limited services in terms of food, lodging and civilization. I will miss the convenience of living in a place like NYC, my girlfriend which I adore, my bed, the newest season of Thrones.

There will be a learning curve, but one that requires an individual to use their talents to preserver on a daily basis. No longer am I living paycheck to paycheck, waiting until the next long weekend of the illusive multi-day trip. I will be living day to day, focusing on getting from Point A to Point B and all activities in between. While this seems daunting from afar, it is extremely exciting as I depart in less than an hour.

What people will I meet, delicious foods (and many) consumed, beautiful sights taken in? I will let you know. Please continue to follow the blog to find out! I plan to provide updates as often as possible, likely a few times a week through the blog and post photos on Instagram regularly.

On that note, off to Princeton today! Philly tomorrow, Delaware on Friday, Maryland on Saturday, DC on Sunday….. you get the point!

Hasta luego & auf wiedersehen!

P.S. I apologize in advance if our paths cross and I am a tad bit pungent.

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