On the Road: Colorado Days

I do not take skipping writing about Kansas lightly. I will absolutely write about my experience, in possibly the most bike friendly state to date. It was infinitly more beautiful than I had expected. I made some fantastic riding partners. They helped improve my cycling quite a bit and filled many hours with laughter, entertainment and support surviving a heat wave in the high plain deserts of Western Kansas. 

Many people took me in on late notice and treated me like a long time friend. Something I have become accustomed to, but never gets old. Also everyone’s genuine curiosity in our journeys. Drivers were respectful, something Colorado could consider. 

Colorado Heights ~ July 12 through July 17


Entered the Mountain Time Zone

Reached the half way point of my trip, 2100 miles. 

Reached over $4200 fundraising for the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance.

Gained the highest elevation of my journey with the Hoosier Pass of 11,500+ feet. The views were breath taking, as we’re the three days of climbing. 

Lounging at the Hoosier Pass. Highest point of my trip.

Top speed of 48 mph near South Park County

Seen some of the most beautiful country side climbing from Pueblo to Breckinridge. 

Group climbing to Alma for camping and a music festival.
Gravel road climbrd on way to Hooiser Pass. Provided 3 miles of solitude from traffic. 

Completed manual labor for a stay.

Stayed in parks, personal camp ground and finally a resort town hostel. 

Camping in Alma
Bill’s welcome cookout in Guffey. Possibly the most unique stay in the trip. He had animal skeletons, old cars and hospitality to boot.
Ghost prisoner wagon at Bill’s

Long miles have been achieved and elevations reach. Time to rest for a minute, do laundry and get back on it. 

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