On the Road: Clarkston to Walla Walla, Washington

Yesterday was an interesting day. Rode 99.5 miles from Clarkston, Washington (new state!!) to Walla Walla. Thank god I got a new wheel as the terrain was desolate and services far and few between. My rear wheel appeared to be out of true for the two previous days. 

Second to last state.
I took it to a bike shop in Lewiston, Idaho where it was discovered that the rim was actually cracking. The spokes we’re pulling away from the rim in about 8 places. I wish I had a picture as it is apparently common, but something I hadn’t seen before. Anyway, risking 100 miles in  a barren area would not have been ideal. There were plenty of cars, but between the heat and limited water, I would have needed a good Samaritan rather quick. 
The good Samaritan came a little later in the day in Dayton. His name was Scott, a Washington State Park employee we met at a gas station. He paid for Jon’s much needed drinks as he got there first as he is a stronger climber. Scott then offered us the use of the local Best Western’s indoor pool and hot tub. Jon and I spent the afternoon there beating the heat, hydrating and napping. 
“This is Washington State Parks system helping out, not the National Parks”, Scott reminds us.

Rare royal treatment of the legs getting blasted by hot tub jets.

We ate pizza then took off for the last 30 mile leg of the day’s trek to Walla Walla. The golden country side tends to be more picturesque when the elements are less likely to kill you. We got to our host just before his bed time and were treated like much anticipated guests. 

Quick evening ride wirh hot pink sun providing adequate light on the way into Walla Walla

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