Push for the PCA

I wrote this post while sitting at Oregon State University in Corvallis listening to lectures about a pending eclipse. At this point, I am 95% (3900 miles) in to my journey which has taken just over 3 months. 

In November I decided that I would undertake a cross country trip, in March I partnered with the PCA, May I set out on this journey and this Thursday it will likely end in Astoria, Oregon (where Lewis and Clark reached the Pacific and more importantly the setting of the film Goonies). My goal in partnering with the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance (PCA) was to both raise awareness and funds for the important work they accomplish in the City of Brotherly Love. 

The goal was set at $10,000. Current funds are just over $4300. While I have a few promised donations, I am aiming for a huge push to raise the remaining $5700. I ask anyone that see’s the benefit in the mission of the PCA to please donate (the GoFundMe page explains my involvement in greater detail) and share with similar individuals who value this work!

The experience has enabled me to see some unbelievable parts of the country and more importantly meet amazing people from all walks of life. During this time I have been speaking to Americans about the PCA’s daily accomplishments.  In spreading this message, it is amazing to know that similar support occurs in child advocacy centers in every county across the country. 

Donations have come in all forms, online donations, cash handed to me out front of a blues bar, over lunch or checks being written or the less transferable support of a hot dog lunch at a Missouri State Park and places to lay my head!

While my ride may be coming to and end, raising funds or awareness for the PCA will not.  Any time I discuss my journey, I will recall interactions with law enforcement, school teachers, counselors, firemen tech sales reps, servers, bartenders, lawyers, etc. whom shared in my story and added the colorful backdrop to this incredible trip. 

Please help me help the PCA help the children of Philadelphia!!

Thank you!

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