On August 24, the great Trading848 Summer of 2017 experiment came to an end. Tonight I will be boarding a red-eye back to NYC to be reunited with friends, family and my fiancé!

While “end” is written, what is intended is the  close of a chapter. The last night of the tour, our Warmshowers host Neil informed me that after riding 4,074.9 miles, I have grown in many ways and cannot simply close this part of my life. The experiences I’ve had, lessons learned and physical changes will stay with me and effect my being forward. 

Well, I hope the physical changes stay with me. I will have to work incredibly hard to keep the cardio and core/leg strength up to present capacity. At a yoga class yesterday my form on previously despised chair pose was excellent, feeling stronger than ever before.  My legs were clearly exhausted from the ride as my legs shook in nearly every lunge. 

The goal is to take up road riding upon my return home. Given this summer’s big miles, I’d like to keep the mileage up and ride on something more comfortable than a typical road bike. Look out for some more bike shopping posts in the near future!  I will also be looking to join some cycling groups to be challenged just as had happened this summer. 

Fortunately the passion for cycling has increased more than previously thought possible.  I nearly got misty eyed when I dropped my bike off at a local portland bike shop to be shipped home. Who knew how attached I’d be after spending every day on it since May. I felt like I had sent my first born off to college for the first time, though more sad to see it go rather than proud, seeing a child off to achieve academic success.   

The big question remains, what will I do when I get back? I honestly have not given it a ton of thought. One would think there would be ample time to contemplate life after touring but there truly was not. I also wanted to be ‘present’ or ‘in the moment’ or whatever popular phrase is currently being utilized and enjoy my surroundings. 

There are a few things I intend on doing. The first is to continue my involvement with the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance. I still have a goal and plan to hit it. As always if you’re interested in the PCA, please reach out to see how you can help! More details are available on my GoFundMe.

The second is to write. This means to finish writing about the day to day of bike touring. I am woefully behind, but plan to catch up quickly with a computer and all photos and videos at my disposal. I owe a huge write up of Kansas which was one of the most pivotal points in my trip. I also want to write about cycling in NYC, future trips, planning, gear reviews, etc. Who knows, maybe I can get a book deal in the works… Ha.

Any questions or topics to write about, please leave a comment or message me. I love hearing feedback!

Hasta luego!

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  1. As your hosts on the first night of this epic journey, way back on May 10, we couldn’t be more happy for you on accomplishing your goal. Ron and I have been cheering you on every step (make that pedal!) of the way. Thanks for sharing your feelings and experiences with such openness, honesty, and humor over the past 3+ months. We look forward to hearing more from you! Sandy

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    1. Big thank you to you and Ron! I appreciate the support and would not have enjoyed the experience if it was not for opportunities like the one you provided! I am happy to hear that you have been reading and find it entertaining!

      Please know that my first dinner upon arriving home was Indian.




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